Secrets That Will Boost Your Facebook and Instagram Engagement

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Are you making regular Facebook posts with eye-catching photos and appealing words but only receive a few LIKES? Are you posting beautiful photos on Instagram but the number of followers is just not growing? What is wrong?

Have you ever thought about what people want to see on Facebook and Instagram?

According to the new data released by Facebook recently, people go on Facebook to connect to their family and friends, follow news and see opinions; while they go on Instagram to follow celebrities and get inspiration.

Let’s take parents as an example. As you can see from the chart below, parents use Facebook to stay informed about current events and Instagram to keep up with celebrities and fashion.

What Parents Are Looking For on Facebook and Instagram

So, if you are a kid fashion brand, to win the parents’ hearts; you should have 2 different marketing approaches:

Facebook (feeds with informative & fun content)

  • Post news about the latest kid fashion
  • Tips about choosing the right kids’ wear for the children and related videos such as kid fashion show, kids imitating celebrities, etc.

Instagram (feeds with attractive & inspiring content)

  • Show high quality photos with cute kids wearing your products

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  • Post videos and teach the audience how to mix and match and make their kids look smart with the outfits.

Source: Youtube

And for the younger people, they are more likely to look for fashion, beauty and design content on Instagram then Facebook. Style is what the Millennials are seeking for on Instagram.

Millennials Usage on Facebook and Instagram

How to fulfil their need and desire? Show them what they are interested:

  1. Show off your brand’s aesthetics by posting images that reflect professionalism

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  1. Share behind-the-scenes images such as brand ambassadors and dedicated staff at work


3. Post unique photos that are attention-grabbing, full of personality and capture your brand culture

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To be successful in getting engagement on social media, it is crucial to know what to post to provide a more relevant and resonant feed and garner better audience response. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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